Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, but it’s an area of care that can often be overlooked. Dr. Shadiar Ohadi, DO, MPH, routinely provides mental health services, which is why so many men and women from the greater Los Angeles area turn to her with their emotional and psychological needs. Request an appointment with Dr. Ohadi by calling her office in Sherman Oaks, California, today.

What is mental health?

Mental health is an often misunderstood term. It refers to your psychological, emotional, and social wellness, and significantly impacts how you think and behave. Mental health is integrated into every aspect of your life and informs your daily choices.

Many things can contribute to mental health problems. Some of these things are within your control, while others are not.

For example, you may be genetically predisposed to certain mental illnesses, or your life experiences could lead you to develop a mental health issue. Even your brain chemistry could cause a mental health problem.

What are some symptoms of a mental health issue?

Everyone responds differently to stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. However, if you note these signs, it may be time to reach out to Dr. Ohadi and schedule an appointment:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Fatigue or lethargy
  • Increased conflict with loved ones or associates
  • Turning to drugs or alcohol
  • Severe mood swings
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Thoughts of self-harm

In general, if you notice changes that affect your ability to enjoy your daily life, you should take steps to obtain a mental health evaluation with Dr. Ohadi.

How does stress affect overall health?

A well-established body of research supports the notion that stress has wide-ranging negative health ramifications. These are just some of the health concerns that can develop or worsen due to high levels of stress:

  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Heartburn
  • Heart attack
  • Hypertension
  • Immune system malfunction
  • Fertility and sex drive problems

 All of these things are treatable, but addressing the underlying cause is the best way to find lasting relief.

How are mental health issues treated?

Dr. Ohadi offers mental health evaluations as part of her comprehensive care. She has the expertise needed to get to the bottom of your mental health issues and get you on the right treatment path.

Whether your needs call for counseling, medication, or specialized care, Dr. Ohadi is there to assist you on your path to mental wellness and emotional stability.

When you’re struggling, it’s important to understand that help is available. Take the first step and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ohadi by calling the office or using the online booking tool today.