Experience Personalized Family Medicine

Experience Personalized Family Medicine

Experience Personalized Family Medicine

Experience Personalized Family Medicine

Meet Shadiar Ohadi, DO, MPH

Primary Care Physician specializing in Family Medicine in Sherman Oaks, CA

Dr. Shadiar Ohadi, DO, MPH is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine treating patients in Sherman Oaks, California and the surrounding areas, including Burbank, Encino, Pasadena, Studio City, and more. Dr. Ohadi’s knowledge and experience is brought to patients in need of physical exams, weight management, immunizations, acupuncture, pediatric care, and management of diabetes, heart disease, and women’s health concerns, among other services.

Dr. Ohadi has decades of experience practicing in Southern California and launched her personalized care practice in 2023.

Discover the Difference of
Personalized Care

At my personalized family medicine practice, I will be able to see you promptly and offer extended time to address complex conditions, answer your concerns, proactively work with you to prevent disease, and focus on living well. I offer continuity of care… at my office, your home, via telehealth, or at a hospital or nursing home. You will be the center of attention with your needs cared for as if you were an extended family member. As a patient, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that doctor who knows you best is always here for you.

At the heart of my concierge care practice is my commitment to limit the number of patients on my panel. My smaller practice size means I have more time and availability for each patient, including you!

Benefits Offered to Patients of Dr. Ohadi


Same day appointments for acute issues help you quickly return to wellness.

Extended Office Visits

Longer appointments with time to listen, educate and work together to personalize a plan based on your individual health needs.

After Hours Availability

You will always be able to contact us directly after hours and on weekends, minimizing the need for urgent care and unnecessary ER visits.

Peace of Mind

You and your family will be cared for promptly, expertly and compassionately by the provider who knows you best.

Focus on Wellness

Our holistic, preventive approach to healthcare helps you remain on a path to optimal wellness.

Little to No Waiting

Office visits will start promptly with little or no waiting in a wait or exam room. My goal is to afford you the time to thoroughly address all your questions and concerns, regardless of the reason for your visit.

Verified Patient

“She is the best family doctor anyone could ask for. She is always kind, available, knowledgeable, caring, efficient. I love her new office, it is so peaceful and calm.”

Verified Patient

Dr. Ohadi is the most personable, caring and kind doctor I’ve ever had. The staff is efficient and the office works like a well oiled machine. Thank you for another great experience. Well worth the 25 mile drive to get there. 🙂

Verified Patient

“I have been going to Dr. Ohadi for years. An old friend suggested her and I will never go somewhere else.”

Verified Patient

“She’s literally the greatest. I’m stoked to find a doc that isn’t pushing hard drugs on you the second you walk in the door. I love Dr. Ohadi.”

Verified Patient

Dr Ohadi is wonderful! I’ve been going to her for 5+ years now and I recommend all my friends who are in search of a PCP. Her office staff is always nice and professional. Dr. Ohadi listens and really does thorough annual assessments. As a medical care provider myself, I have full trust in her ability to provide safe and personalized care.

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